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FY14 Nursing Competencies

FY14 Nursing Competencies

FY14 Nursing Competencies

Competency forms will be posted as available.  Page is under construction.  Competencies and Forms are provided in a pdf format and can be printed from any computer.  When accessing forms, please print only actual documents needed.  If you are accessing documents from SMMC computers, you may need to contact your Director or 5600 to have Adobe Flash installed to your work station or you may need to go to a different computer.  If you are accessing documents from home you can install Adobe Flash by following the prompts on the screen if needed.

Nursing Wide Competency

Annual Competency Process and Accessing Your Competencies
Hospital Wide Competency

Relationship-Based Care: Human Caring And Relationship Skills - Form ENGAGE 1
Nursing Clinical Operations Competency Assessment - Form ENGAGE 2
Nursing Clinical Operations Competency Assessment Peer Review - Form ENGAGE 3
Nursing Clinical Operations Competency Assessment Discussion Group - Form SAFE 1
Nursing Clinical Operations Competency Assessment Safety Practices - Form SAFE 2
Nursing Clinical Operations Competency Assessment Safety Practices Exemplar - Form SAFE 3
Nursing Clinical Operations Competency Assessment Safety Practices Presentation - Form SAFE 4
Case Study: 6 minute walk test Pre and Post Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Cardiovascular Services

FY 14 RN 4 West Competency
FY 14 PCT 4 West Competency
Form Safe 1
Form Safe 2
Form Safe 3
Form Safe 4
Form Engage 1
Form Engage 2
Form Engage 3
Form Article Critique
Form Audit
Form CAR 1
Form CAR 2
Form CAR 3
Form CAR 4
Form CVA 2
Form HR 1
Form HR 2
Form KIAR 1
Form KIAR 2
Form Lab Specimen Labeling
Form Presentation
Form Resp 1
Form TE 1
FY14 Cardiac Cath Lab and CLOR Patient Care Tech and Student Nurse Competency
FY14 CLOR RN Competency
FY14 Cardiac Cath Lab RN and RT Competency
Cardiology RN PCT SN Competency
Cardiology DET Competency
Form 18 L 1 18 Lead EKG
Form EAP 1 Echo Abn Pathology
Form EKG I 1 EKG Interpretation
Form ORTEE 1 Periop TEE
Form RAV 1 Reporting Abnormal Values
Form TTE 1 Transthoracic Echo
FY14 Cardiac Rehab Competencies

Cardiac Telemetry:
Form CAR1 Return Demonstration 
Form CAR 2 Exemplar
Form CAR 3 Peer Review
Form CAR 4 Mock Survey
Form CON 1 Peer Review
Form CVA 1 Case study
Form CVA 2 Daily work
Form EKGP1 Return Demonstration
Form HR 1 Return Demonstration
Form KIAR 1 Daily Work
Form KIAR 2 Exemplar
Form PCI 1 Case Study
Form PME 1 Return Demonstration
Form RESP 1 Case study
Form RESP 2 Mock Event
Form TE 1 Peer Review
In-service evaluation and summary form
Research Article Critique
FY14 4W 5C PCT Competency- revised DP
FY14 4West 5Central RN Competency-revised DP
Form SAFE 1
Form SAFE 2
Form SAFE 3
Form SAFE 4

Emergency Services / Mental Health

FY14  RN Emergency Department Ongoing Competency
CVP 1 Discussion Group

CVP 2 Presentation

Philips Data Exemplar

FY 14 Philips Data Attendance Roster

Hospira Pump 1 Exemplar

FY 14 Hospira Pump Attendance Roster

FY 14 Smart Sheet and Limb Lifter Attendance Roster

Becker Drain 1 Discussion Group

Becker 2 Presentation

FY 14 Becker Drain Attendance Roster

tPA 1 Discussion Group

1 Induced Hypothermia Presentation

Pediatric IV Medication Quiz

14. Pediatric IV Medication Article

Hypothermia Fact Sheet

Hypothermia Coma power point

Gaymor Unit Operation

FY14 TCS Emergency Department Ongoing Competency
TCS Phillips Data  Exemplar situation
TCS FY 14 smart sheet and limb lifter Attendance Roster
TCS 12-Lead ECG 1 Exemplar situation
TCS 12-Lead Return Demonstration Verification 2
TCS 2012 Competency CHeckkoff Attendance Roster
TCS Crutches 1  Examplar
TCS splinting

Women's & Children's Hospital

Form Change 1
Form Simulation 1
Form Simulation 2
FY14  Lactation RN updated FINAL
FY14  Unit Coordinators updated FINAL
FY14 CST LaborDelivery FINAL
FY14 Labor and Delivery and Transport competency
FY14 Labor and Delivery competency
FY14 MotherandBaby competency
FY14 PCT SNI SNE competency
Quiz IP (2)

Comm documents
Delivery Documents
Infection documents
Self Assessment
Thinking documents
NICU Additional Documents

Case Management

FY14 UM Care Manager RN Competency
FY14 Care Coordinator Competency
FY14 Care Coordinator MIM Audit Form
FY14 Care Coordinator Observation Form
FY14 UM RN Report of Denial Form



MedSurg #3 Infection inservice
MedSurg #4 Pain Story
MedSurg #5 Pain Inservice 
MedSurg #10 Pain RN inservice
MedSurg #11Pain RN
FY14 PCT Extern  UA Competency Rehab Institute
FY14 RN Rehab Institute Competency 


Clinical Support & Ancillary Operations

MedSurg #3 inservice (2)
FY14 Admission RN Competency (2)
FY 14 Bed Managment Competency
MEDSurg #8 Telephone Peer Review
MedSurg  #9 Communication Phone Inservice
FY14 Wound Ostomy Nurse
FY14 Vascular Access RN Competency
FT14 House Supervisor Competency
AP1 Exemplar Project
AP2 Exemplar situation
MedSurg #3 1 PPE use


Critical Care & Trauma Services

Form Safe 1
Form Safe 2
Form Safe 3
Form Safe 4
Form Engage 1
Form Engage 2
Form Engage 3
Form Arterial Sheath_TR Band Case Study
Form Arterial Sheath_TR Band 2 Test
Form Bath Crossword
Form CAR 2
Form CAR 4
Form Hand Hygiene
Form ICP
Form Intraabdominal Pressure Monitoring Case Study
Form KIAR 1
Form KIAR 2
Form Paralytic Crossword
Form Paralytics_BIS_TOF Case Study
Form Presentation
Form Swan
Form TE 1
Form UR 1 Case Study
Form UR 2 Exemplar

Medical Surgical Services

6 South:
Registered Nurse FY14 competency 6 south
PCT UA Intern Extern 6 south

6 West:
RN 6 west FY14 competency
PCT UA Extern Intern FY14

6 East:
RN 6 east FY14 competency
PCT Extern Intern UA FY14 6 East

5 South:
FY14  5South PCT 1 and Externs Competency
FY14 5 South Unit Asssianct Competency
FY14 5South RN Competency

4 East:
FY 14 4East PCT 1 and Externs
FY14 4 East  Unit Assistant competency
FY14 4 East Competency RN

Medical Surgical Forms:
MedSurg #1 Limb Lifter
MedSurg #2 form Lift Equipment
MedSurg #3 Infection Inservice
MedSurg #3.1 PPE Use form
MedSurg #4 PCT Pain intervention
MedSurg #5  Pain inservice
MedSurg #6 skin inservice
MedSurg #7  skin stories
MEDSurg #8Telephone Etiquette
MedSurg #9 Communication Phone Inservice
MedSurg #10 Pain inservice (2)
Med Surg #11  Pain RN
MedSurg #12 chest tube inservice
MedSurg #13 Trach Inservice
MedSurg  #14 rhythm assessment

Acute Renal Dialysis
Renal Dialysis Technician FY14 competency
Acute Renal Dialysis LPN FY14 competency
Acute Renal Dialysis RN FY14 competency

Perioperative Services







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