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Weight Loss Philosophy

Weight Loss Philosophy

St. Mary's Weight Loss Center Philosophy

At St. Mary's Weight Loss Center in Evansville, Indiana, trained healthcare professionals are committed to helping patients reduce health risk, improve quality of life and, most importantly, maintain a healthier weight over time.  Because obesity is a multi-faceted disease, we offer a multi-disciplinary treatment approach, including the following components.


Obesity is linked to other health problems and diseases.  Our physicians are trained to recognize and monitor changes in health as you lose weight.  Because patients may lose a significant amount of weight quickly, we require regular medical monitoring to reduce health risks and adjust the treatment program as necessary.

Lifestyle Education

Body, mind and behavior are interconnected as a system working together to maintain a healthy balance.  When one system is out of balance, all parts of the system are impacted.  Losing weight is more than "going on a diet."  Losing weight is a physical, mental and spiritual effort that will continue for the rest of life - we are always a work in progress.  

The reasons for being overweight are many and complex.  Many factors contribute to the progression of weight problems e.g. genetic, environmental, metabolic and unhealthy eating patterns.  Attitudes and beliefs, relationships, social environment, life circumstances and behaviors influence the progression of weight.  Our multi-disciplinary team helps patients identify how and why they eat, providing better tools for weight loss success and maintenance.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is the single best determinant of success for weight loss and weight maintenance.  Initiating and maintaining an exercise program is an important modality in our weight loss program.


Weight loss and weight management are dependent on energy in - the food eaten - and energy out - activity and exercise.  It is simple until you are standing in the grocery store confronted with thousands of options.  Nutrition evaluation, monitoring and education are important aspects of your weight loss and weight maintenance plan.  Our goal is weight loss with further education and guidance to make positive long-term lifestyle changes for weight maintenance. 

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