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Joint Pain and Joint Replacement

Joint Pain and Joint Replacement

St. Mary's - Providing the Latest Information in Joint Pain Relief

Adults who have struggled with pain in their hips and knees – either due to injury or arthritic conditions – often have questions about options for helping to regain mobility and function and in reducing pain to a more tolerable level.

We have created an informative series of online educational Joint Pain Management videos for you to watch at your convenience.  These videos cover a wide range of topics including: 

  • Physical Therapy for Joint Pain Relief
  • Medical Solutions for Joint Pain
  • Knee Replacement Surgery Options
  • Hip Replacement Surgery Options
  • St. Mary's Joint Replacement Solutions Program

Many people who view the Joint Pain Management videos find the information helpful in deciding what their first (or next) step should be in treating hip or knee joint pain. Conservative treatment is often very effective in controlling pain and helps to prolong the need for surgical intervention. Though usually considered the last resort, many have also had great success in reducing, or even eliminating, their joint pain with surgical methods. 

We encourage you to watch these videos.  Always be sure to discuss your joint pain with your physician.  Recognizing the symptoms of joint pain and getting a proper diagnosis are the keys to making sure the correct steps are taken to alleviate your pain.  The linked knee and hip pain questionnaires (in the left navigation pane) may prove helpful in discussing joint pain with your physician.

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