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Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program

St. Mary's Intensive Outpatient Program
Provides Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Our comprehensive outpatient program is designed for individuals who still require rehabilitative services, but who are not in need of comprehensive medical management provided in the inpatient rehab hospital setting.

In addition to the patient; the rehabilitation team may include clinical staff from:

  • Dietary
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Speech Therapy

Following evaluation by appropriate team members, your care team establishes treatment frequency and duration to meet your rehabilitation needs.  Treatments are then initiated to return you to your optimum ability and independence as quickly and safely as possible

Team Conferences are held weekly to discuss progress and plan therapy.  Family conferences will be scheduled as needed to update you and your family on progress and pending discharge plans.

Family involvement is a vital component to successful rehabilitation.  Family participation is often helpful on the initial day of the program and may be indicated if physical or behavioral needs dictate it necessary during down-time between therapies.  The family/caregiver is responsible for your arrival and pickup at scheduled times.  

Meals are not provided through the program.  Access to a refrigerator and microwave is available.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to bring your own lunch.  Your family/caregiver will need to be available if you need assistance with routine meals.  If Speech Therapy is working  on swallowing or self-feeding, your family/caregiver will be informed ahead of time if the therapist is assisting in that aspect of treatment.     

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