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Articles by Dr. Jim Schroeder

Just Thinking...Articles by Dr. Schroeder

Dr. Jim Schroeder, St. Mary's Center for Children Pediatric PsychologistThe following articles are written by Dr. Jim Schroeder, a member of the pediatric psychology team at St. Mary's Center for Children in Evansville, Indiana. (See Dr. Schroeder's introduction to the articles)

Dr. Schroeder states that "the topics will be many and varied. The common thread is that they all are pertinent to our lives as parents and as human beings...but also raise questions that we must address so that our children, our families, and our community can thrive and prosper. My hope is that it will be useful in making decisions for our children that are based on our own values and cutting edge science."

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from Dr. Schroeder's candid thoughts in the monthly articles linked below.

Grrrrrit: The Art of Persistence

January 2016

Someday When You Are an Adult...

December 2015

Now: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

November 2015

Too Good to Be True? Separating Truth from Trends

How Following the Trail of "Cutting Edge" and "Convenient" Can Distort Reality
How The "Almighty Norm" Can Dilute Advice We Receive

October 2015

Say What? Understanding That What We Say-and How We Say It-Changes Lives

September 2015

There Is Another Way: Merging Technology Use with Health and Faith

Do You Know What Is Coming into Your Youth's Phone?
Why 1:1 Is Not the Answer: Taking a Closer Look at Technology in the Schools
A New Vision of Technology and Our Youth

August 2015

Want to Be Drug Free? It's Time to Live More Simply

July 2015

The Namby Pamby Effect: Are Our Kids Growing Up Soft and Confused?

June 2015

Rethinking What We Say to Our Kids

I Just Want You to Be Happy: No, We Want Much, Much More for You
It's What's On the Inside That Counts: Actually, It's Being Whole That Matters
Always Believe in Yourself No Matter What Anyone Says: On Second Thought, Know When to Heed Advice & When to Go Alone

May 2015

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis: What Really Matters

Watch Presentation on Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

April 2015

The Union of Faith, Family, and Psychology: Reuniting Old Friends

The Double Helix of Faith and Family
Turning Faith and Works Inside Out: A Psychologist’s Perspective
The Insidious Role of Pride in our Own Psychological Downfall
Financial Stress: Auditing Our Money Woes

March 2015

There’s More to Sleep Than Shuts the Eye (print entire series)

Part I: Waking Up to All that Sleep Does
Part II: The ABC’s of ZZZ’s
Part III: Putting to Bed Specific Sleep Problems

February 2015

Reconsidering Youth Sports: What Happens When the Lights Go Off?

January 2015

Embracing the Four Dimensions of Our Being

December 2014

Further Reflections on Media and Technology: Where Do We Go from Here?

High-Tech CEO's - Low-Tech Parents: Are We Getting the Message?
Dear Friends and Family: My Apologies for Being in the Technological Dark Ages, But . . . 
The Day the Silence Died
Thinking Through the Immersion Dilemma: What if My Teen's Life is Governed by Media & Technology

November 2014

Turning Distress into Joy (print entire series)

Part I: Forgiveness
Part II: Channeling
Part III: Helping Others
Part IV: Gratitude
Part V: Meaning & Transcendence

October 2014

I Do. It's a Girl. What’s Next for Us?

September 2014

The Paradox of Praise

August 2014

Partner Bill of Rights: Speaking to the Cycle of Abuse

July 2014

In Search of a Hundred Miles of Gratitude (print entire series)

Part I: Coldness Undone
Part II: Covenant Upheld
Part III: Sun Rise, Sun Set

June 2014

Are We Losing Our Parental Will?

May 2014

The Value of Our Efforts

April 2014

Special Feature: Understanding Trends In Psychiatric Drug Use

Risperdal for a 2-year-old? Turning the Tide, One Interaction at a Time
UnSettling In for the Long Haul: The Interplay of Complacency Stagnation and Psychiatric Drugs

March 2014

Conversations About Pursuit of Life

February 2014
Resolving to Make This Year Mean More January 2014
Moving Beyond the Fear of Fear December 2013
Playing the Parenting Odds - Teaching Our Children to Do the Same November 2013
Weeding Through the Decisions of Youth October 2013

What Autism Teaches Us About Relationships—What Technology Does Not (print entire series)

1. Part I: Opening Act
2. Part II: Lost Conversations
3. Part III: For Better or For Worse

September 2013
When to Control - When to Let Go August 2013
America the Beautiful: Reconsidering the American Dream July 2013
Striving for the Ideal -- In Others June 2013

Cultivating Our Future: Are We Reaping What We Are Sowing? (print entire series)

1. Part I: Cultivating Our Future - Changing Times
2. Part II: Cultivating Our Future - A Privileged Life
3. Part III: Cultivating Our Future - Where Have All the Good Workers Gone?
4. Part IV: Cultivating Our Future - What Really Matters?

May 2013

We Are What We Eat (print entire series)
Dr. Schroeder's Guest Expert is Dr. Rebecca Carey

1. Part I: We Are What We Eat - Where Have We Come From?
2. Part II: We Are What We Eat - Sifting Through the Ingredients for Change
3. Part III: We Are What We Eat - Beneath the Icing

April 2013
What Our Emotions Are Trying to Tell Us March 2013
In Letting Out the Spirit Within February 2013

Linked In: Assessing Trends Regarding Youth's Consumption
of Technology (print entire series)

  1. Part I: Linked In - A Day in the Life of Our Youth
  2. Part II: Linked In - How Did We Get Here?
  3. Part III: Linked In - Benefits and Risks
  4. Part IV: Linked In - Consideration of the Public Good
  5. Part V: Linked In - Practical Ideas
January 2013
Giving and Receiving All at Once - The Cycle of Volunteering December 2012

Having it all Without Having It All (print entire series)

  1. Part I: Research of Self-Control
  2. Part II: Science or Screen?
  3. Part III: Public Policy and Self-Control
  4. Part IV: Can We Carry It Out?
  5. Part V: Applying Self-Control Daily
November 2012
Why Oh Why? October 2012
So the Tree Said - The Lost Art of Play September 2012

Children and Anxiety Disorders (print entire series)*

  1. Introduction to Anxiety Disorders
  2. Anxiety and Technology
  3. Anxiety and Sleep
  4. Anxiety and Parental Adjustment
  5. Anxiety and Fitness
  6. Anxiety and Faith
August 2012

Pediatric Resource Library...

*The "Introduction to Anxiety Disorders" article was originally printed in a condensed form in the July/August 2012 edition of Evansville Living. We appreciate the publisher's courtesy in allowing it to be posted on our website.

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