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While You're A Patient at St. Mary's

While You're A Patient at St. Mary's

While You're A Patient at St. Mary's

Your Medical Care -

The physician who will admit you is a member of the St. Mary's medical staff.  He or she will be responsible for directing your diagnosis and treatment plan and will outline your medication, dietary needs and any other special care your require.

The St. Mary's medical staff, which comprises more than 650 members, has expertise in more than 30 medical specialties.  Before being a part of the St. Mary's medical team, your physician's qualifications were carefully reviewed to meet the standards established by the St. Mary's Health System's Board of Directors.  To maintain these high standards, we have implemented an ongoing quality monitoring system.

On occasion, medical and nursing students may participate in your care under the supervision of a physician or other medical professional.  If you would prefer not to have students participate in your care, let your nurse or physician know.

Consent Forms -

You, or another responsible party, will be asked to sign a general consent form giving St. Mary's permission to treat your illness or injury.  In some cases, you may be asked to sign additional consent forms for treatments and procedures ordered by your physician.  A parent or guardian must sign forms for patients under 18 (unless he or she is an emancipated minor).

Valuables -

Please do not bring valuables such as jewelry or cash with you to the hospital.  Appropriate cases for dentures, eyeglasses and contact lenses should brought with you.  If you should lose something valuable, report it to the staff and they will help you recover the item.  However, in the event the item is not recovered, the hospital will be unable to accept responsibility for the lost item.

Discharge Medications -

If your physician prescribes medication prior to your discharge for you to consume once you arrive at home, St. Mary's Apothecary will deliver the discharge prescriptions direct to your room before you leave the hospital.  Please let your nurse know you would like this service provided.

Medical Record -

St. Mary's recognizes that a patient or the patient's authorized representative has the right to access their medical record during the course of their hospitalization.  As a patient at St. Mary's, you may request your medical record at any time by simply making a request to do so.

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