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Don't Text and Drive Campaign

Don't Text and Drive Campaign

Don't Text and Drive Campaign

St. Mary's Adult and Pediatric Trauma Centers have seen the devastating effects of texting on the members of our community and region.  Our Trauma Centers are committed to promoting injury prevention in the communities we serve, and thus feel compelled to increase public awareness of the dangers of texting and driving.

Text messaging reportedly is the most widely used mobile data service.  Seventy-four percent of all mobile phone users are active users of text messaging.  The average number of daily texts per user is estimated between 12 and 27.  The common usage has led to a text reception habit, or addiction, to remaining connected, called "reachability."  Eight-one percent of crashes, near crashes or unintended lane deviations have been found to involve some sort of driver distraction, with text messaging having the greatest relative risk. 

While no one is exempt from driving distractions offered by the electronic gizmos they take along in their vehicles, teens seem to be particularly susceptible to the siren call of texting - with drivers taking their eyes off the roadway for 4.6 seconds out of 6 seconds while texting. This means at 55 mph, a driver texting for 6 seconds travels the distance of a football field without eyes on the road.

Our public awareness "Don't Text & Drive" campaign includes:

  • Billboards
  • Signage in the community
  • Social networking sites
  • Public service announcements on both local television and radio stations

The "Don't Text and Drive" campaign also partners with area high schools to deliver this powerful message.  Our goal is to reduce the number of car crashes caused by texting while driving thus improving the health of the communities we serve.

If you have questions about the program or would like to purchase "Don't Text & Drive" apparel (t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats and lanyards), please call St. Mary's Trauma Services at 812.485.6817. 

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