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Media On Campus

Media On Campus

Media On Campus

Prior to visiting a St. Mary’s Health System facility, including physician offices, all media interviews and photography must be approved by the Marketing and Public Relations Department.  Scheduling an interview or photography shoot without the permission of the Marketing/Public Relations Department is strictly prohibited.

While on St. Mary’s property, members of the media must be accompanied by a Marketing and Public Relations staff member or authorized representative designated by the department. Media crews, reporters and photographers who have not been approved by the Marketing and Public Relations Department will be stopped by security to cease further action until a Marketing and Public Relations staff member can be contacted. In addition, any patient who agrees to be interviewed or photographed must sign a specific Media Release From prior to her/his interaction with the media.  A member of the Marketing and Public Relations Department will bring the appropriate forms to the interview or photography shoot.  This policy is set to secure the confidentiality of our patients in concurrence with the American Hospital Association and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Both representatives of St. Mary's Marketing and Public Relations Department and media members should notify the front desk upon arrival at a physician's office.  Both parties will remain in the waiting room until the physician is ready for the interview or photography shoot.  No one should go beyond the waiting room doors unless they are escorted by the Office Manager or her/his designee.

Media representatives may be denied access to any area, including (but not limited to) operating rooms, intensive care units, maternity units, emergency departments, psychiatric departments, nurseries, pediatric units and substance abuse units where all patients have an expectation of a certain degree of privacy. The media may also be denied access to a patient if the hospital determines that the presence of photographers or reporters would aggravate the patient's condition or interfere with patient care.

  1. If the media requests to interview a patient while she/he is being treated at St. Mary's, the following must occur before the interview can be granted.
  2. The patient or guardian must first agree to an interview and attending nurses and the Unit Director must agree that the media's presence will not upset the environment of the department or impact patient care.
  3. Interview will be conducted in a separate area, if possible.  Location depends on the level of care the patient requires.
    • Cameras are only to be used in the immediate vicinity of the patient.
    • Reporters and photographers will be under escort at all times - no wandering around the facility, please.
    • Reporters and photographers are to be taken directly to the interview location and then escorted out upon completion.
    • All reporters and photographers will be asked to speak in low tones when on the unit.


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