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Safe Sitter Babysitting Training Program

Safe Sitter Babysitting Training Program

Safe Sitter Babysitting Training Program

Offered by St. Mary's (Evansville, Indiana) to Students Ages 11 - 13
St. Mary's Safe Sitter CPR Class

Safe Sitter is a medically-accurate babysitting training program recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It teaches boys and girls aged 11-13 to safely care for younger children in a nurturing way. Through hands-on teaching and discussion a knowledgeable professional educates the participants on basic childcare, behavior management, basic life saving techniques and accident prevention techniques.

This is a full day of learning at St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville, Indiana where the student leaves with the knowledge of how to be a "Safe Sitter" and with a detailed manual and other babysitting supplies.

Course Content
Safe Sitter Basic is a six and a half hour course with essential curriculum designed for busy schedules. It includes:

  • Babysitting as a Business
  • Success on the Job
  • Child Care Essentials
  • Safety for the Sitter
  • Injury Management
  • Preventing Problem Behavior
  • Care for the Choking Child & Infant
  • CPR for the Child & Infant
  • Preventing Injuries
  • Behavior Management

Type of Instruction
Teaching methodology includes hands-on mannequin practice in rescue skills, small group interactive learning, role-playing and games.

Mastery of Content
Each participant must pass a written exam proving mastery of key concepts. Students must also demonstrate acceptable skills in care of the choking infant/child.

Safe Sitter improves the welfare of young children by increasing the availability of young adolescents instructed in safe and nurturing childcare techniques. We enhance the lives of young adolescents by providing the opportunity to acquire competencies in rescue
skills, basic first aid and nurturing, safe childcare techniques.

Safe Sitter was founded in 1980 by Indianapolis pediatrician, Dr. Patricia A. Keener, after a colleague's 18-month-old choked to death while under an adult sitter's care. Dr. Keener developed Safe Sitter as a medically accurate instructional program designed for young adolescents 11 to 13 years of age. Dr. Keener updates the curriculum regularly.

Safe Sitter believes in the intrinsic worth of all children from infancy through adolescences. We believe in the importance of protecting the health and welfare of children during periods of vulnerability. We believe in the value of providing young adolescents with the life skills important for safe and responsible childcare and self care.

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