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Pre Procedure Clinic

Pre Procedure Clinic

Pre Procedure Clinic

St. Mary's Pre Procedure Clinic
1140 Washington Square
Evansville, IN   47715
Scheduler:  (812) 485-6020 option #2
Toll Free:  800-201-7441
Fax Number:  (812) 485-4094

What is the Pre Procedure Clinic?

Located in Washington Square Mall's east entrance, the Pre Procedure Clinic is where important information about your health can be gathered before your procedure at St. Mary's. Your physician and/or anesthesiologist will use this information to make sure you are in the best physical condition to undergo your procedure.The Clinic provides pre-procedure testing and education for outpatients and inpatients scheduled for a surgery at St. Mary’s.

If you do not need testing or are having tests done elsewhere, please call 485-6020 option #2 to make a phone history appointment  If you have had testing done elsewhere, please have that facility fax the results to (812) 485-4094.

What can I expect during my appointment at the Pre Procedure Clinic?

During your visit to the Pre Procedure Clinic a healthcare provider will:

  • Take your health history
  • Obtain tests ordered by your doctor
  • Discuss what medications you should or should not take before your procedure
  • Discuss other important information about your surgery and answer any questions you may have

What should I bring to my appointment at the clinic?

  • Your original medication bottles including any over the counter medication and herbals that you take
  • A list of allergies including type of reaction and severity of the reaction
  • The name and phone number of your primary physician and any other specialist you see regularly
  • Orders from your physician if you have them
  • Insurance cards
  • Photo ID
  • List of questions you may have
  • Copy of advanced directive if you have one (living will, healthcare representative, etc.)
  • If you are having a total joint replacement and you have been given a binder of information, please bring it with you.
  • If you are having a total joint replacement, please bring a family member with you.
  • Family member if you desire (for all other patients not mentioned above)

Will you have enough information to know if I am ready for my procedure?

In most cases if your medical records are complete and updated, your visit will give the provider enough information to know if you are ready for your procedure. However, an underlying problem could be identified that needs to be addressed before your procedure. When this occurs, arrangements will be made for more testing or medication will be prescribed as necessary.

Will my procedure be delayed for any reason?

In most cases, the procedure will not be delayed. However, even a simple problem like a common cold can make a procedure less safe. Other times, tests may show that an existing medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes is not well controlled. If you have a medical condition your health care provider may start treatments to improve your health.

What if my medical condition is very complicated or I am not ready for my procedure?

The procedure physician will recommend the treatment you should receive before your procedure or decide whether the procedure is right for you at this time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the Pre Procedure Clinic at 485-4369 or 1-800-201-7441.

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