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Oral & IV Contrast

Oral & IV Contrast

Oral & IV Contrast

CT Contrast Agents

IV (Intravenous) Contrast

IV contrast (sometimes called X-ray dye) is a clear fluid that contains iodine. IV contrast is injected into your veins and highlights the tissues of your body or brain. Most, but not all, patients who have CT scans have IV contrast injected into a vein during their CT examination. If you are allergic to IV contrast or iodine, please inform your doctor as soon as possible. Patients who are more than 60 years old, who have kidney problems, or who have ever had chemotherapy will need to have a simple blood test before IV contrast can be administered. St. Mary's will accept lab results obtained from your doctor's office in your home town as long as they are obtained within 30 days of your CT appointment. If you elect to have your blood drawn and analyzed in your home town, please be sure that the results include an evaluation of your kidney function.

Oral Contrast

Most patients who have CT scans of their abdomen and/or their pelvis are required to drink 2 bottles of E-Z M. The oral contrast is a barium based drink in berry or vanilla flavor. The oral contrast will help the radiologist identify your intestinal tissues from surrounding abdominal tissue.

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