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Managing Urinary Incontinence - Patient Information

Managing Urinary Incontinence - Patient Information

Managing Urinary Incontinence - Patient Information

Managing Urinary Incontinence:


 Washington Square Rehabilitation Services
1144 Washington Square
Evansville, IN  47711
Tele:  (812) 485-4968
Fax:  (812) 485-5220
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  • Do you wear a pad just in case of accidents?
    • Are you embarrassed when you wet your underwear in public because you sneeze or
       laugh too hard?
    • Are you spending more time in the bathroom than in the family room because you have to go too often?
  • These are typical scenarios for men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence.  This condition is not a disease; it is usually attributed too weak pelvic floor muscles and/or bad habits.
  • Our female therapists are specially trained professionals who help strengthen your muscles and reinforce your drinking habits and your ability to handle the accidents.  With their help, you can have a bladder stress-free life again.
  • Our rehab specialists are trained to treat the different types of incontinence (urge, stress and mixed).
  • Following a thorough evaluation, your therapist will develop an individualized treatment program to meet each patient's needs. Treatments often consist of biofeedback; electrical stimulation; releasing tight muscles and specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic, abdominal and low back muscles.
  • Our Washington Square Rehab specialists provide in-depth education and introduce ways for the patient to help themselves reduce or eliminate their incontinence and return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

 Contact St. Mary's (812) 485-4YOU (4968) for more information. 


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