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St. Mary's Chapel - A Sacred Space

St. Mary Queen Chapel

The Chapel is a sacred space for communal or private prayer for patients, their families/visitors, employees, physicians and volunteers (all those who are a part of our healthcare ministry).

Our Chapel expresses a Catholic liturgical environment that includes:

  • Tabernacle - Receptacle that contains sacred vessels of consecrated bread for Holy Communion (Eucharist) distribution to our patients
  • Lighted sanctuary candle to indicate that the Eucharist is present in the tabernacle
  • Altar for celebrating Mass (Catholic worship)
  • Ambo (lectern/podium) - Place where the Liturgy of the Word is proclaimed during Mass   
  • Credence - small side table for holding the vessels for Mass (chalice, water, wine and linens)
  • Altar candles that are lit for the celebration of Mass 
  •  Chair with small side table used by the priest who presides at the Liturgical Service/Mass  
  • Stations of the Cross   
  • Holy water fonts on both right and left of Chapel entryway

The Chapel is open 24 hours a day to welcome all who desire to have a place for meditation, solace and thanksgiving.  Mass is celebrated in the Chapel Monday through Friday at 11: 30 a.m. and on Sundays at 9 a.m.

Times of services are subject to change periodically. Please check with the Pastoral Care Office at (812) 485-4150 for Mass schedules.

Hospital Usage

The Chapel is located on the first floor of St. Mary's in the hallway south of the Center for Advanced Medicine. The Chapel is open to all patients, visitors, physicians, employees and volunteers for prayer, quiet reflection and scheduled religious services.

The Chapel is accessible to you through closed circuit television on Channel 50-80. Patients who wish to attend services should check in advance with their doctor for permission to leave the unit.
In addition to the regular Mass schedule, the Chapel may be used for special prayer services, religious services and programs such as Ash Wednesday memorial services for St. Mary's employees and memorial services for patients.  All such services must be planned in consultation with the Director of Pastoral Care or a designee.

Since the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the Chapel, it is therefore inappropriate to use the space for meetings, support groups, etc., even if these are conducted by our chaplains.

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