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Breakthrough Hand Therapy

Breakthrough Hand Therapy

NESS 200TM Technology Now a Reality at St. Mary's

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Imagine technology so advanced it helps stroke and other neurological patients regain hand control so they can grasp objects and perform tasks that they believed previously to be impossible.

This futuristic technology is now a reality at St. Mary's through a device called the NESS H200TM.  St. Mary's is among the first in the country to offer this breakthrough therapy.

The prosthesis, distributed by Bioness Inc. of Santa Clarita, CA, consists of a soft polymer fitting that rests over the patient's hand and forearm.  Embedded in the device are five surface electrodes that stimulate muscles in the hand and wrist.  A microprocessor allows the user to program the device with a series of exercises customized for each patient.  This video provides additional information about the NESH200TM.

The NESS H200TM provides a major adjunct to traditional therapy for stroke, spinal cord and brain injured patients. Clinical trials support the effectiveness of the NESS H200TM in facilitating return of function for patients in the acute phase of recovery following stroke and brain injury, as well as for select patients whose injuries are years old.Rehabilitation can be maximized by using the device between therapy sessions, and even encourage patients to purchase the NESS H200TM and take it home with them.

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